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Hazard Perception Test Tips

Before you complete a practical drive test you must pass a computer based VICROADS Hazard Perception Test. This page contains information about the Hazard Perception Test and Tips for passing the Hazard Perception test.


The best way to prepare for your HPT is to get plenty of supervised driving experience in as many different road, weather and traffic conditions as you can.

During supervised lessons with Buzz Box we will show you what hazards to look out for on the roads.

It's important to take in the whole road scene and see all the problems, see everything then eliminate what is not applicable. Begin to plan a course of action and then execute it. For example if the question asked you when you should slow down: You will need to evaluate when to slow down and click. Don't just click the button early. Slowing down on the road when there is no hazard can be dangerous!

  • If you get any examples that have trams, watch the tram's brake lights! As soon as you see its back lights go red, clickity click!
  • You will get at least one example where you must make an emergency brake - possible examples are a jogger on the footpath who suddenly runs onto the road, or a small child who runs out onto the road behind a 4WD - click/brake as soon as you see them head for/step on the road.
  • If driving down a country road and you see a road sign for dust, brake as soon as a dust cloud forms behind the car in front of you.
  • Make sure you know WHEN it is safe to overtake other vehicles.
  • The lights may change from green to yellow *but if you get overly anxious you may accidently click when not supposed to or just miss the hazard completely.
  • You will be presented with right turns like in the demo HPT where a vehicle that can be hidden behind a truck or van will appear if you turn right too early. Make sure you can see down the road before you turn!
  • You may be presented with scenarios where you do not have to brake. For example you may be approaching a roundabout at 30 km/h and going straight through with clearly no one around. So don’t brake!

VICROADS have pulled the Hazard Perception Test demo from their website. If you do lessons with Buzz Box we will allow you to try on our laptop. For others who would like to see what the Hazard Perception Test is like please go to the South Australian Hazard Perception Practice Test page. The South Australian HPT is very similar to the victorian one and is highly recommended. Make sure to get 100% each time!

How does the Hazard Perception Test Work?

During the test you will see videos of traffic scenes from a driver’s perspective. You will be told what your vehicle is doing in each scene (for example, ‘going straight ahead’ or ‘waiting to turn’). The screen will show you the speed of your vehicle and the indicator will flash if you are about to turn.

The test consists of 28 video scenes and for each scene, you will be
given one of the following driving tasks:

  • slow down
  • overtake
  • make your turn
  • move off

The 28 questions that you are given are drawn from a possible 90 video questions. If you are unsuccessful you may be given a different set of questions next time.

You have to watch each video scene and decide if, and when, it is safe to perform the required driving task. To complete the required task, you simply have to click the mouse button. If it isn’t safe to complete the task you don’t click the mouse button.

Your recorded response time for each video scene will be compared to the required response time for that video scene.

At the end of the test you will be told whether or not you have met
the required level of hazard perception.
If you are successful, you can get your provisional license. If you are
unsuccessful, you will have to sit the test again.

What does the Hazard Perception Test look like?

The following screen tells you what to expect when the test starts.


Before the test starts you will get a reminder that you should only
click when you consider that it is safe to complete the required task.


The video scene will then start. When it is running, the video will take
up the entire screen.


When you have clicked the mouse button to indicate that it is safe to complete the required driving task, the video will stop and you will get a message to say you have ‘clicked’. You can only click once for each video - your first click will be counted. It is correct to not click the mouse button in some scenes because it is unsafe to do the driving task.


The best way to prepare for your HPT is to get plenty of supervised driving experience in as many different road, weather and traffic conditions as you can. Please go to our bookings page to get more experiance with hazards.