License Information

To obtain the Victorian Learners Permit, you must be 16 years of age. You must pass the Car Learner Permit Test.

To pass the Car Learners Permit Test you will need to learn the information contained in the book, Road To Solo available at newsagents and VICROADS or you can download the PDF files from VICROADS. We recommend you purchase the book. We have also provided Essential Road Rule information that you must know when you are driving around the Latrobe Valley. VICROADS have provided Common Road Rules videos on the Vicroads YouTube channel.

VICROADS have provided on-line test questions to make learning the road rules easier.

Once you have the knowledge contained in the Road To Solo, and have passed the on-line test questions provided by VICROADS, it's time to book a test with VICROADS. Phone 13 11 71 (Mon-Sat 8.30am - 5.00pm) or book online or go to VICROADS Morwell at 83 Princes Drive Morwell, Victoria 3840.

When you have passed your Car Learners Permit Test, pick your favourite lessons package from our website and make a Booking on-line with Buzz Box Driving School or by calling 51631769.

Learners should complete a minimum of 120 hours of on-road driving practice. This is best achieved with a driving school instructing you according to the Victorian Road Rules and safe driving practices. Frequent trips out on the road with responsible adult drivers in varied weather conditions will help make you a better prepared P-Plate driver. Whilst you are learning, it's recommended that you log your different driving experiences to make sure you have varied experience in all conditions. All learners under the age of 21 will need to log all hours in the official driving log book. Buzz Box Driving School will provide you with certification for the hours you spend learning with us.

Log Book Information

The following has been prepared to help so that you won't end up having your log book rejected by VICROADS Morwell!

  • At the front of the logbook, there is a clear cut example of how to complete your log book.  Do all your entries just like they do and you will be in good shape. If your log book entries don’t look like those example pages you should show your instructor ASAP to remedy this.
  • Each entry of your log book must be signed. The signature for each entry must match the one that is completed in the Supervising Drivers section. If they don’t match, the entry will not be accepted. (This is the main reason for log books not being accepted!)
  • Make sure you get each entry filled out on the day you drive. Try to limit transferring information from a piece of paper then to your log book as this leads to missing information.
  • Make sure all ‘night driving’ logged time actually occurred after sunset.  Night time is not 3:30 in the afternoon.  In the summer time, often ‘night driving’ doesn’t occur until 8:30 or later.  If your License Testing Officer does not like the time entered, she may reject that line item.
  • Which brings up a last vital point:  You are required to have 120 hours.  20 of these hours must be at night time. NOTE: Learners permits issued before November 2017 require only 10 hours night driving. Don’t show up on test day with only 120 hours/20 night time hours.  Be prepared for the unexpected and do many more than the 120/20 hours required.  140 hours/30 night would be a good buffer. You’ll also be a better driver for it.

NOTE: You are now allowed to submit your log book before test day if you have completed 120 hours. This will help to ensure your log book is not rejected on test day. We highly recommend that you do this.

If you arrive on test day and your log book is knocked back, you will not be able to go on a test that day and they may impose a 6 week punishment clause for presenting an unacceptable log book. You will forfeit your appointment fees with VICROADS, you will have to pay for a new appointment and you will lose the money you paid to Buzz Box for that day.

Hazard Perception Test

When you are ready for your Probationary Licence Drive Test, you must first pass a Hazard Perception Test. You must be at least 17 years and 11 months, and the test must be done at a VICROADS office. Before you do the Hazard Perception test make sure to visit our Hazard Perception Test Tips page.

Drive Test

You must be 18 years old, and you must have held your Learners Permit for a minimum of 12 months before you are eligible to sit for your Probationary Licence. If you are 21 years of age or over but under 25 years of age, you must hold your learner permit for at least six months. If you are 25 or older, you need only to have held your Learners Permit for 3 months. The Driving Test consists of an eyesight test and practical drive test with a VICROADS examiner in the vehicle. The duration is approximately 30 minutes. Our practical drive test web page contains information pertinent to your test.

You may sit your Practical Drive Test anytime from your 18th birthday onward. Your Buzz Box Instructor can tell you if you are possibly ready to attempt a drive test.

Make sure you have completed the Essential Road Rules Quiz before undertaking the drive test.

Going on the drive test with a Buzz Box Instructor is a good common sense decision. Often times if you go in your own car it may not be insured for that test time. You would have to consult with your own insurance company.  Having Buzz Box with you will assure that there is another set of eyes and the Buzz Box Instructor can help you determine if the pass/fail judgment was correct.

Booking Information

You can book your test times yourself or you can have Buzz Box do this for you.  Having Buzz Box do this for you will ensure that you get the best time that is available and you can assure that Buzz Box is available during your test time. If you book this yourself, and we are already previously committed at that time, we will not be able to take you and you will have to find an alternative solution or spend $17.80 to transfer the test time.

If you have paid for a 5-lesson or 10 lesson package, simply present your instructor with the cash required by VICROADS and your instructor will help you to get a good test time.

If you have only had singular lessons with Buzz Box we will book your test with VICROADS after you have given us the cash to do so, along with a $15 administration fee to Buzz Box.

Current VICROADS fees for 2018-2019 year are:
Appointment $18.50 + Hazard Perception Test $18.40 + Appointment $18.50 + Drive Test $44.50 = $99.90
Appointment $18.50 + Drive Test $44.50 = $63.00
Appointment $18.50 + Hazard Perception Test $18.40 = $36.90

To transfer a drive test time it will cost $18.40 and this has to be done at least 24 hours before your drive test time.

Peer Passenger Restrictions

A probationary (P1) driver will not be allowed to carry more than one peer passenger when driving. The penalties for committing this offence will be three demerit points and a fine equal to three penalty units.

A peer passenger is any person aged between 16 years of age and less than 22, but does not include the driver's spouse, domestic partner, sibling or step - sibling. This means that you can carry more than one passenger under 16 years of age and over the age of 22. Refer to the legal definition of each below.

This regulation does not apply to a probationary (P1) driver who is has an experienced driver sitting beside him or her.