Prices (As of August 4th 2019)

At Buzz Box Driving School we offer prepaid packages along with single lessons.  How many lessons it takes to learn how to drive a car will vary with the individual that is learning.  At Buzz Box Driving School you will learn all the skills required to pass a VICROADS Driving Test. You will also learn the skills to be a safe driver. Lessons are not available on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Single Lesson Prices (With Pick Up from Home or Arranged Place)

60 Minute Lesson $60
90 Minute Lesson $90
120 Minute Lesson $120

5 Lesson Packages

5 * (60 Minute Lesson) $275
5 * (90 Minute Lesson) $410

10 Lesson Package (Includes Driving Test or 1 - 120 Minute Lesson)

10 * (60 Minute Lesson) + (Driving Test or 1 - 120 Minute Lesson) $600
"Buzz" and your instructor will join you on VICROADS Test Day with hour lesson beforehand at no additional charge. Or if not going for your test a free 120 Minute Driving Lesson.

Our 10 Lesson Package is a $150 saving on single lesson prices and test fees.


You have 3 years from the date of purchase to use your lessons up in our package deals.

Cancellation and No Show Policy:

Failure to give a minimum of 1 hour notice will incur a $30 cancellation fee or 30 minutes will be deducted against your pre-purchased package.

License Test Info:

If you have had 2 hours* of driving lessons with Buzz Box, On VICROADS test day, you can drive the Buzz Box and your instructor will accompany you during your test for $150. If you have not completed 2 hours of driving lessons with us the fee is $180. The driving test includes a 60 minute lesson before you take your test. Our 10 lesson package deal includes use of our instructor and Buzz on Test Day or if not ready for the test a 120 Minute Lesson. License Info

* One of those hours can be a Free KEYS2DRIVE lesson!

Your test fee will not be refunded if your test is cancelled for reasons such as:

  • incorrect date or time of VICROADS drive test appointment
  • not meeting logbook requirements at the time of the test (You can submit your log book to VicRoads before test day!)
  • failing to successfully complete your drive test

Miscellaneous Payments:

Payments can be made online using your credit card via our online payments form. Payments can also be made with cash, mastercard and visa at the beginning of the lesson. If you wish to make a booking online please use our bookings form.

Out of Area Info:

Please see our Out of Area Info page for information on lessons and tests specially designed for people traveling to Morwell via Train, Bus, Car to use our services.